Born in 1979, South Tyrol /Italy.

Graduate product designer. Education at the Bauhaus University Weimar. Guest-semester at University Bozen / Italy. Formation and long-time experience as artist black-smith and metalworker.

Occupational area: furniture, light, installations.

"For me design is the intensive and comprehensive examination of the respective subject. Design is process-development. I put my products in experimental contexts, in order to find innovative solutions and new paths."

2009_1st place BMW Group.GINA Designaward
2008_1st place Bauhaus.Solar-Kongress Erfurt
2007_1., 2., 5. and 7. place Redesign Award Bauhaus-University Weimar
2007_5th place Idea contest for corporate foundations region Jena-Weimar and East Thuringia, special price: coaching
2006_4th and 5th place STI Design-Award, special price: work placement by STI-Group

2008_Designmai Berlin Youngsters
2007_Designmai Berlin Youngsters
2006_Ambiente Frankfurt: Table light "cuplight" (within "KAHLA-Porzellan" stand)

Chamber of Commerce Bolzano South-Tyrol/Italy
The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle